The Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning is a process of getting rid of heat and excessive humidity in the air to provide a cool and fresh atmosphere in a room. In some instances, air conditioning can also involve removing dust particles from the air to make it clean for human breathing.

Eight types of air conditioning units

Currently, there are eight known types of air conditioning units in the world. Each one of them is suitable for a certain circumstance and depends on the owner. The following is a brief discussion of the eight types of air conditioning.

  • Central AC – Central air conditioners use a split mechanism to regulate air through the ducts. It is convenient for large houses with multiple rooms. The central ac consists of these main components: the outdoor unit (compressor and condenser), and the indoor unit (evaporator coils and air handler). It removes heat from the indoor air by the use of a refrigerant in which the heat is sucked out and cool air supplied indoors.
  • Ductless Mini-Split – This is an excellent choice for homes without ductwork. It combines an outdoor condenser and compressor with either one or several indoor handling units. The indoor units are installed on the wall and are attached to the blowers. The indoor and outdoor units are connected through tubes and refrigerant is circulated between them.
  • Window AC – A window AC is a single entity with components enclosed within. It removes heat from its outdoor side and supplies cool air into the room from the other side. It is usually mounted on a window. It is suitable for cooling a small area.
  • Portable AC – A portable air conditioner can be moved from one room to the other. It has all its components enclosed in a single unit. It only needs a source of power and should be placed near a window for efficient performance.
  • Floor Mounted AC – A floor-mounted AC has an indoor unit that rests on the floor and the outdoor unit is mounted without ductwork. It is convenient in limited space rooms and those with tilted walls.
  • Hybrid AC – It comprises an electric air-source pump and a gas furnace that work together to give an efficient and cost-effective performance. The system switches automatically between using fuel and electricity depending on the outdoor temperatures.
  • Smart AC – A smart air conditioning unit can be a ductless, portable, or window air conditioner that is IoT-enabled. They can be controlled from your mobile phone using particular software developed for it.
  • Geothermal AC – A geothermal AC consists of piping that has loops that circulate water between a heat pump, the room, and the ground. It is still a new method and has not gained much popularity as compared to other kinds of air conditioners.

What type of air conditioning unit is cheaper?

The prices of air conditioners vary depending on the type. The cheapest one is a portable AC which does not consist of many parts and is small in size. It is closely followed by a window unit which is also not complex as compared to the central or hybrid air conditioner.

The choice of selection solely relies on the user because they know their needs and the nature of their homes. They also decide where to put the AC. Some might be more expensive than others but in turn, offer the best services.

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