Understanding more about a marquee for sale

Different types and uses make a marquee for sale one of the most versatile temporary structures around. However, understanding more about a marquee for sale ensures to get the perfect model for your next event.

New Century Marquee

Many modern features included in the new century marquees make them easier to assemble even when they are styled like traditional tents. The addition of modern features makes the marquee flexible and easy to put up.

Flooring options such as linings and carpets can be fitted inside the marquee. The marquee also offers multiple colour choices for decorating the tent. Cooling and heating options are available with the marquee as well as glass doors and windows. Walls can be included to separate the main space and the kitchen. The peaked and sweeping roof provides strong protection from weather elements such as wind, the sun, and rain. The aesthetic look of new century marquees makes them perennial favourites at weddings.

Frame/Clearspan Marquee

Frame marquees or Clearspan marquees are made of an aluminium frame that is covered by PVC. They are flexible and compact, and do not need for fixings or guy ropes to put up. An event or gathering that wants a lot of floor space will do well with the frame marquee.

The marquee does not need inside support poles, allowing more space inside. The ample space provided by the frame marquee makes it highly popular for commercial shows, business festivals and events, and industrial applications.

While the tent is sturdy, the overall design is boring and uninspired. However, many industries prefer the frame marquee not for aesthetics but for hardiness.

Chinese hat/Pagoda Marquee

Measuring 3mx3m makes the pagoda marquee a small but nice-looking structure. The limited entrance or space of the marquee makes it ideal for garden parties, garden parties, or offering something unusual at park events.

 The marquee can be converted into a dance floor or a buffet area. Clear sides are an option as a way to attach a traditional marquee when the need arises.

Pole/Traditional Pole Marquee

Pole tents or traditional marquees are still highly popular because of their classic style. Garden events and weddings still prefer using the traditional pole marquee. However, they can be a handful to put up, yet, customers feel happy as soon as they are assembled.

Their usual white colour with coloured sections and large windows provides a majestic and retro look to any event. The wide range of sizes, from the smallest at 6m to the biggest at 9m makes them spacious, traditional, and classic.

Side poles, guy ropes, and centre poles are used to put up the traditional pole marquee.

Bedouin/ stretch Marquee

The style and design of the Bedouin/stretch marquee are inspired by the original tent designs of the Arabian and African deserts. This marquee is a suitable option for water-side and outdoor locations. However, windy areas are not suitable settings for the stretch marquee as the wind can make them go out of shape.

“Glamping” is a new type of camping that connotes luxury living while camping out. The best way to achieve the height of a luxurious setting while camping is by opting for the Bedouin marquee. The aesthetic design of the marquee provides a decadent and luxurious look to the tent.

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