Advantages of Backyard Storage Sheds Hervey Bay

Many homeowners in Hervey Bay own a lawnmower. However, the lawnmower size can make it an awkward piece of equipment to store away in a garage. Having this dilemma means it’s time to start searching for backyard storage sheds, Hervey Bay.

Storage sheds, Hervey Bay are available in all sorts of materials, sizes, and designs. The various designs of the storage shed ensure that there is always a suitable one for everyone.

Besides, having your garden tools including your lawnmower on hand every time you need them is always convenient. It’s why owning a backyard storage shed is a must for every home with a lawn space.

Right off the bat, the multiple benefits of backyard storage shed include:

  • Opting for portable storage sheds means you can take them with you when you move houses
  • Provide added storage space
  • A great playhouse option for both children and adults
  • Provide the best protection for your outdoor equipment and tools
  • Can be properly equipped to be used as an additional dwelling or small room for guests
  • Can be used as a good year-round doghouse
  • Can be converted into a great office or professional studio
  • A great accent to your yard
  • Can provide a good shade during hot summer days

Storage shed features


There’s a wide variety of storage shed sizes out in the market today. A smaller-sized shed is similar in size to a small closet while some can have the size of a tiny house. Available shed sizes range from the smallest 6’x6’, to medium 8’ x 8’, and the biggest at 10’ x 10’. The varied shed sizes ensure the right fit for everyone’s needs and want.


Enhancing the function and looks of your shed is made possible by using many available accessories on the market. Some accessories for making your shed perform and look better include:

  • All sorts of shelving options
  • All sorts of doors and windows
  • All sorts of hangers and hooks
  • All sorts of decorative items such as flower boxes

Adding a porch or expanding the size of your shed is also possible. Opting for expansion kits ensures additional room for your shed while adding in a porch makes it a highly decorative statement to your backyard.

Kinds of Storage Sheds

The two kinds of storage sheds are:

Custom-built storage sheds

Custom-built storage sheds are the best option if you don’t want to build one or are quite unhappy about the designs of the existing models. Many storage shed manufacturers will gladly customise one for you.

Opting for a customised storage shed allows you to choose the windows, siding, and colours suitable for your needs and wants.

Manufactured storage sheds

Pre-configured storage sheds are the popular term used for the manufactured models. You can order them online or from local home stores. They are usually delivered in a big box and usually installed for free by local home stores. Ordering them online, however, means assembling the storage sheds on your own.

The available pre-configured sheds are typically made of metal, wood, or resin. Online stores allow you to price and design your shed.

Purchasing backyard sheds in Hervey Bay is a good option for homeowners. The multiple purposes of the shed make it a must-have accessory for any home.